The Technology of 3D Printing

Technology 3D printing or “additive manufacturing” – the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape based on a digital model. 3D printing is based on the concept of building the object sequentially applied layers showing the contours of the model. In fact, 3D printing is the antithesis of such traditional methods of READ MORE

Top 10 best 3D printers 2018

One of the leading lights of the industry of 3D printing is 3D Hubs service for local search 3D printers, which includes a registered user database, and also covers 6900 3D printing services in 150 countries. The way it works is that you upload a 3D file, choose the material, and then choose a nearby READ MORE

Methods of 3D printing

The 3D printing technologies there are many names for them even more because of patent restrictions. However, you can try to divide the technologies in the main areas: Extrusion printing This includes methods such as layer-by-layer fusing (FDM) and multi-jet printing (MJM). The basis of this method is the extrusion (extrusion) of consumables with consistent READ MORE

3D printer – Homemade

Modern additive printer – not a cheap pleasure. To become the owner of a high-tech “machines” have to shell out hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Many supporters of the three-dimensional printing are wondering how to build a 3d printer with your hands? If the device can reproduce the details of all shapes and sizes, READ MORE